High School Football

       Georgia Varsity Sports Vent - Great site for Georgia high school sports
       GHSA - Georgia High School Association website
       Football Friday Night - Has pictures of a number of high school stadiums - Good HS site covering the entire country
       Georgia - Has football schedules and more 
       GISA Stats - Georgia Independent School Association
       Florida Times-Union Sports
       WALB-TV Sports
       Tifton Gazette Sports
       GHSFHA - Georgia High School Football Historians Association
       Georgia high school football team websites - Compiled by the GHSFHA
       In The Game High School Sports Magazine - South Georgia edition
College Football
       UGA Football
       Georgia Tech Football
       Georgia Southern Football
       SEC Football
       ACC Football
       College Football Hall of Fame
       NCAA Football
       Dawg Post - Georgia Bulldog Recruiting
       The Hive - Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Recruiting
       College Football Fight Songs
Professional Football
       Atlanta Falcons
       Pro Football Hall of Fame
       Pro Football Draft History
General Sports
       Atlanta Journal-Constitution Sports
       Georgia Sports Hall of Fame
       Ballparks - Very cool site about...ballparks
       Skilton's Football Links - Links galore at this site
       South Georgia Sports Network - Covers high school and college sports in South Georgia
       John Wooden's Pyramid of Success - Building blocks for winning - A clearinghouse of info on Georgia high school athletics
Local Interest
       City of Fitzgerald
       Ben Hill County
       Fitzgerald-Ben Hill County Chamber Of Commerce
       Fitzgerald High School - Official website
       Ben Hill County Schools - Official website
       Fitzgerald Herald-Leader - Fitzgerald's hometown newspaper
       Fitzgerald Booster Club - General information about the Fitzgerald Booster Club
       Coaches' football website - Football website maintained by the coaching staff
       @canesradio969 - Twitter account for WRDO Real Radio 96.9
       A satellite image of Jaycee Stadium - Provided by Cam Jordan (City of Fitzgerald)
       A satellite image of Jaycee Stadium circa 1993 - Created with Terraserver
       A satellite image of Jaycee Stadium circa 2006 - Comes from a Google Earth screen capture
       TiltShift images (1 2 3 4) - Source pictures provided by Emily Ray and Cam Jordan
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       Top 50 Possible Hurricane Theme Songs - Some really have been theme songs
       Excellent pregame movies
       Motivational posters created with Motivator - 1  2  3  4  5
       "What It Was, Was Football" by Andy Griffith (info)
       Anderson Photography - Provided various pictures
       Herff Jones/Owens Studio - Provided various pictures
       Tom and Beth Robinson (The Vernon Company / 1.888.383.5789) -  Provided numerous game pictures
       Band Boosters - Permission to use pictures from game programs
       Sikes McCord - Pioneer Graphics / 228 S Grant St, Fitzgerald / 229.423.6688 ("F" logo)
       Garry Justice - "F" logo (along with Sikes McCord) and Hurricaniac drawing
       David Hayes - Georgia High School Helmet Project & FHS mini-helmets (helmet picture)
       Brenda Whitley and the FHS Annual Staff - past and present (yearbook photos)
       Fitzgerald Herald-Leader (pictures)
       John Wiggins, Randy Rodgers, Troy Williams, and Tony Ray
       Jack Paulk, Wayne Gladden, Louie Harper, and Stokes Rodgers
       Paula Williford and Cathey Braziel - Provided a variety of material and information
       All others who have contributed info for the website (past, present, and future)